Montreal: Seminar Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation


Oct 12/13, 9:00 – 17:00

Do you want to take charge of your physical, emotional and mental health to live long and healthy?
Step out of your routine with 2 days of total immersion into a world of well-being and personal growth!
Whether you are a beginner or advanced, all levels are welcome!

During these two days, we will demystify millennial practices that have been proven for their effectiveness, while adapting them to our modern Western life:

  • Ayurveda (the science of life) is a science of Indian wisdom healing that aims to prevent diseases and promote optimal health for both body and mind.
  • Yoga and Meditation are a science taught by Indian sages focused on Self-realization as dependent on the proper functioning of the body and mind. Yoga/meditation and ayurveda have developed simultaneously and are originally practiced together to address: our needs, our physical health and well-being to the development of our higher consciousness.
  • Qi-Gong/Tai-Ji is a science of inner alchemy, introduced in China by great sages; it is complementary to the practice of yoga and meditation.

► PROGRAM DETAILS (practice and theory)
Saturday, Oct. 12, 9:00 – 17:00
– Basic Health Tips from Ayurveda
– How to cultivate our 3 great vital forces in order to stay young and healthy
– Discover your type of personal constitution
– Adapt your diet and yoga exercises to your constitution
– Adapt your practice to seasonal variations, the time of day, the phase of your life, etc.

Sunday, Oct. 13, 9:00 – 17:00
– Understand the subtle layers that act on your physical body: energetic, emotional, intellectual and spiritual
– The 5 types of Prana / Energy, and how to cultivate it
– Balance your nervous, hormonal and energetic system through breathing (pranayama)
– Understand your emotions to maintain your happiness
– Sitting and moving meditation (including qi-gong and tai-ji)

Karla Alvarez: nutritionist (graduate from Canada), yoga teacher, tai-ji, astrologer and ayurveda expert; co-founder of Surya-World
Karla Alvarez started her practice very early with her parents, both of which were yoga teachers. As such Karla she grew up in yoga and its philosophy. Since her formation of Ashtanga Yoga with Baptise Marcea in 2002, a 3-month training as a yoga teacher with the Pathanjala Yoga Kendra Foundation in Bangalore, India, and following the teaching with Masterji MS Vishwanatha (Ashtanga Yoga), nephew of Phathabhis Jois, she now travels to India regularly to fully immerse herself in her practice and deepen her knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda.

With Stéphane Chollet, she travels around the world, to meet and learn from great experts and masters in martial arts, yoga, ayurveda, meditation; together, they share their knowledge and passions at conferences and workshops.

for the 2 days:
– $ 210 + taxes
– $ 190 + tax for anyone with an active package in Surya-Montreal
– 10% discount for members with an annual subscription to Surya-Montréal
– 15% discount for full-time students
– 10% for pensioners, auto-entrepreneurs / artists
So that the teaching remains accessible to all, possibility to participate for free against volunteering (write to us)

Registration Deposit: $ 75 (non-refundable)
The other part of the payment by the day of workshop.

Contact :
– private message on facebook
– email:
– Claudette: 514-431-5248

For lunch breaks, you can bring your own meal. A fridge is available on site. (Warning, no access to an oven or microwave)
You can bring things to share if you like 🙂

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