Reykjavík: Better health after birth


Better health after birth

February 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20 – 10:00 – 11:30

3 Week Course for New Parents: Post Natal Wellness & Restorative Course

Surya Reykjavik in partnership with Yoga Shala is back with a 3-week post-natal wellness course in February 2020 due to popular demand. The programme is designed as an essential guide, using a holistic approach to provide the tools and skills for a healthy post partum for mothers and babies, including a module for fathers.

The course is led by Jite Brume, an experienced yoga teacher and mother, and involves almost 10 hours of guidance and hands on practice that focuses on restoring and strengthening the physical, energy, emotional and beyond using various
techniques incorporating massage, nutrition, yoga and relaxation.

This course is suitable for new mothers, fathers and babies from 4 weeks until around 12 months old or when they are very mobile.

Classes will run 10:00-11:30 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 4th – 20th February 2020. Course taught in English.

Price: 23.900 kr.

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Day 1 – Ayurveda & Yoga (Tuesday 4th February)
Overview of Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic healing systems developed in India over 3000 years ago, and the types of imbalances that can manifest following pregnancy. You will learn a gentle yoga sequence to balance the post partum sensation.

Day 2 – Baby Massage & Yoga (Thursday 6th February)
The benefits of traditional Ayurvedicoil massage will be covered and you will learn postnatal restoration techniques for mothers and
mainly babies through Abhyanga massage and yoga. We will practice Yoga Nidra with baby.

Day 3 – Balancing Energy with Yoga & Breathing Techniques
(Tuesday 11th February) Understanding the constitution of humans, according to Yogic vision, with a focus on the subtle energy body. We will practice Suryashtanga Yoga, which integrates breath awareness with asanas, and some pranayama techniques.

Day 4 – Nourishing Baby & Mother
Thursday 13th February, 10 – 11:30am
Dietary rules for babies and mothers post partum in order to build a healthy baby and nourish the new mother. We will also cover the mental and spiritual aspects of how a mother can be nourished. We will practice a gentle yoga sequence to open the heart centre followed by a short meditation.

Day 5 -Strengthening Mother & Baby (Tuesday 18th February)
Yoga asanas that work with core inner strength to reconnect reinforce and re-engage the mother’s pelvic floor, pelvis and perineum. You will learn some principles for strengthening baby’s spine, including a short practice for baby.

Day 6 – Bonding with Baby: Focus on Fathers (Thursday 20th February) Awareness on the importance of the father’s role in the life of a newborn and how he can support the mother. We will explore various techniques for bonding with baby including massage, walking meditation and Yoga Nidra. Mother’s presence is optional.

Jite Brume is an architect and landscape consultant who has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2008. She became a fully certified Surya World teacher in 2013 and spends her time deepening her understanding of the environment, different cultures and the science of Yoga through learning, teaching and project work in Africa, Europe and Asia with various organisations. Her whole life is devoted to “improvement”, be it personal, social, inner and environmental. She is based in Reykjavik with her family.

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