Surya London is a social enterprise that aims to make wellbeing accessible for all. Our objective is to work with community groups, institutions and individuals providing services adapted to their needs.



Reiki Usui
Reiki is system of natural healing developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui that uses a hands-on-healing technique. It works by channelling Qi or « universal energy » through the palms of the therapist to balance your energy field and promote healing.


Group classes coming soon. For more details or to arrange a private class please email


Community Group Classes

SURYASHTANGA YOGA              First 3 classes FREE (donations accepted); then £8 | Concessions £6
YOGA NIDRA                                £5 per class
MEDITATION                                Donation based (pay what you can afford)

Small Group Classes
Maximum of 6 students           £10 per person per class

Private Classes
Maximum of 3 students           £60 per hour


Please contact Jite Brume if you would like to arrange a class or a treatment.

Jite Brume

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