The next yoga & ayurveda retreat with Surya World will be in spring 2024.
Here are some pictures of our marvelous experience in February 2023 :

An individualized Ayurvedic cure

Ayurveda is based on the harmony between body and mind, this practice offers many benefits such as stress reduction, elimination of toxins, improvement of circulation… If the treatments are often very precise massage techniques, Ayurveda also proposes to readjust one’s lifestyle in order to be in better harmony and health.

Ayurveda is above all a holistic and preventive medicine system. It is one of the traditional medicines recognized and listed by the WHO as a natural and traditional health system.

The program: After consulting an Ayurvedic doctor, you will receive a plan for therapeutic oil massages specifically adapted to your needs. Daily Ayurvedic massages will allow a thorough treatment. In addition you will have the opportunity to attend Yoga and meditation classes. We will also offer tours to places of Indian tradition to immerse you in the cultural richness of this magnificent country, the birthplace of Yoga and Ayurveda.

It awaits you:

  • daily yoga/taiji/méditation practice
  • daily ayurvedique massages
  • healthy and delicious food
  • visits to cultural sites and beautiful landscapes
  • discussions about the rich spiritual tradition of India
  • good times in a group of likeminded people
  • time for yourself!

The retreat is open to everybody. Throughout the journey you will be guided and supported by the experienced Surya World team.

Are you interested to join us? Contact us for more information:

Feedback from participants in 2019

I’ve lived here for 15 days, and I feel like I’ve lived a whole life. It’s a big experience, very, very positive.

Thomas, participant in 2019

It was intense in terms of emotions, in terms of encounters, it was a very beautiful experience. My curiosity was fulfilled.

Joy, participant in 2019

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