What is Suryashtanga Yoga?

Suryashtanga Yoga is a practice that allows us to move from doing to being. Thus, from the agitation of everyday life, we learn to refocus, reconnect to our physical body, our breath, cultivate positive emotions and calm our mind.

Developed by Stéphane Chollet, Suryashtanga Yoga builds on tradition while adapting it to today’s modern lifestyles. Its name combines the name of the Sun (Surya), sustaining life on Earth, as well as the principles of the authentic yoga in 8 steps (“ashta”, eight and “anga”, limb). The sequence of postures seeks to harmonize and rebalance the practitioner and for this purpose adapts to the needs of each person, conforming to the season, the time of day, etc…

Where can I try it out?

Surya World is represented in Montreal. Regular classes and workshops are offered at the Center Surya Montréal at 903 rue St-Zotique East (Rosemont – La Petite-Patrie).

In addition to Yoga classes, Surya Montreal offers two complementary disciplines:
Taijiquan (or Taichi) that helps to release tensions in the body, improves coordination and balance, and harmonizes our vital energy;
Creative Meditation that allows to calm the mind, and empowers us to better manage our emotions.

Surya Montreal welcomes you in a spacious and bright studio. Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner, don’t hesitate to come by for a trial class!

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T: 514 431 5248

903 Rue St.-Zotique E
Montréal, Québec H2S 1M9

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