Ayant à coeur de vous offrir des cours de qualité adapté à vos besoins et à l’actualité, votre studio se transforme ! 

  • Group classes become semi-private classes!
    • Small groups of up to 7 people for a personalized and adapted support
    • Classes without masks, respecting physical distance
  • Personalized coaching program available
  • Live online classes available for participation at distance 
  • In addition to the usual work on our physical body, our breathing, and the cultivation of positive emotions, the practice this fall will be adapted to strengthen the immune system, the respiratory tract and to foster inner peace. 

Covid-19 measures

In order to ensure that you and others are protected and that the courses run smoothly, here are the new rules:


  • the class booking is always done online at : https://suryamontreal.punchpass.com/; unless you have registered for a weekly recurring class
  • we prefer to online payments, please make sure you have a pass before arriving for your class
  • in order to be able to contact you if necessary for health reasons, your telephone number will be requested when you book your class
  • cancellation without penalty: you can cancel your class until 4 hours in advance (cancellation link at the bottom of your reservation confirmation email) ideally, cancel 24 hours in advance
  • 4 hours before your class, it will no longer be possible to cancel and your class will be considered as taken
  • we now keep 30 minutest between classes to clean the floor between each group

Entry and exit

  • participants are encouraged to arrive ready to practice and at the scheduled time to avoid gatherings; you are invited to leave as soon as possible after the activity
  • it will be possible to enter the studio not more than 15 minutes before the start of the class
  • it is recommended to bring only a minimum of personal items
  • it is required to leave 2 meters of distance when entering the studio
  • a mask must be worn indoors; the mask can only be removed on the yoga mat
  • it will be possible to enter the studio maximum 15 minutes before the beginning of the class 
  • it is requested to disinfect your hands when entering the studio
  • you can leave your clothes and belongings in the lobby, then wash your hands before settling in for the class
  • for valuables, you can leave them near you during the course or put them on the shelves in the classroom
  • you will be asked to be patient and allow the person in front of you to install themselves before you install yourself in order to leave a distance of 2 meters (markings on the floor indicate the distance of 6 feet)
  • markings on the floor will indicate where to place your yoga mat
  • handshakes, hugs and other physical contact should be avoided
  • wash your hands with soap and water or a hydro-alcoholic solution before leaving the studio
  • after the activity, take off the clothes and wash them with the usual laundry soap.

During the class

  • you can remove the mask once at your place / on your mat
  • if you need to leave your mat you will be required to wear a mask
  • avoid bringing your hands to your face, cough into your elbow
  • avoid sharing equipment
  • the teacher will stay on his mat in order to respect the social distance
  • on leaving the room, we ask you to keep physical distance

Mat rental and accessories

  • it will no longer be possible to rent yoga mats, but we will have mats for sale (new or second hand) 
  • we will no longer use any accessories; however we offer straps for sale 

At the studio 

  • for sanitary reasons, we ask you to bring your own water bottle if needed; recyclable cups will be available for $0.5 
  • for sanitarian reasons, it will no longer be possible to leave your yoga mat at the studio; we will no longer offer products to clean mats on the spot to avoid the shared use of objects
  • you will be asked to leave the studio no later than 10 minutes after the end of the class when another class is scheduled


thank you to postpone your reservation

  • if you develop one or more symptoms of Covid-19
  • if you have been in contact with a person returning from a trip and in his/her quarantine or have tested positive for Covid-19
  • advice on how to wear the mask


These measures are inspired by the :




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