Surya World organises annual trips to Asia that are essentially periods of sharing and communion between groups of passionate travellers. These travels do not  fall into the category of mass tourism but instead show respect for the local population and their culture by trying as much as possible to live as they do, sharing their customs and in so doing, express our desire for a kind of fellowship. It is this, more than the luxury hotels with multiple tourist destinations and souvenir photographic clichés that make the journey such a success.


  • Meditation and spiritual teachings including a variety of activities such as Yoga, Chigong/Taichi, SMAC (Surya Martial Arts Concept), nutrition, astrology and ecology for the opportunity to improve your personal practice or to deepen your existing practice in order to be more in tune with yourself, your environment and your loved ones
  • Regional culture and history in the form of daily discourses and presentations for a rational understanding of the context from which various practices emerged, including excursions to special places of interest locally
  • Selfless service through charitable actions we find on ground so that our trips are not summarised by the words “taking” or “having” but also by learning to give a little of ourselves, together, in exchange for what we take home from the experience
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