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Surya Tours offers yoga and meditation classes in Tours, Tours Nord, Athée-sur-Cher and Notre Dame D’Oé.
Photo: Trip to India 2019, with Surya World (yoga teacher training and well-being trip)


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Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions. We are at your disposal.

For the purchase of subscriptions, you must add 15€ of annual membership to the association. You can take your membership directly at the studio by check or cash.

Events and workshops

Several events, classes and workshops will take place this summer. Stay informed on facebook SuryaTours

Suryashtanga Yoga classes


07 79 23 45 05

Yoga and meditation at Tours
Yoga senior

Salle 03 à Mame, 49 boulevard Preuilly

Matthieu Marzo

Matthieu Marzo

Helen Dziri

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