Reiki Usui
Reiki is system of natural healing developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui that uses a hands-on-healing technique. It works by channelling Qi or “universal energy” through the palms of the therapist to balance your energy field and promote healing. Reiki can be beneficial for healing any kind of trauma or blockage as it works on the physical, energy, emotional, and mental planes.


Baby massage is an ancient custom in India, the home of Ayurveda, and is considered to provide many physical and emotional benefits to the growing child. These include reduced stress levels, improved bonding between parent and child, the development of healthy sleep patterns, and healthy skin. It is suitable from around 4 weeks of age, when the baby has gained strength, and after the navel has healed.


Group classes coming soon. For more details or to arrange a private class please email Jite:


  • Classes at Reykjavik Yoga: 2,000 ISK
  • Private Classes for up to 3 students 15,000 ISK per 60 mins
  • Reiki Healing 10,000 ISK per 75 min session
  • Ayurvedic Baby Massage Training for up to 3 babies + parents per class: 12,000 ISK per person for 90 min (only one session required)

Cash only, no booking required
All classes are in English language


For all Reiki Healing and Baby Massage:
Yoga Shala · Skeifan 7 · 108 Reykjavik (

Venue for Private Classes determined on a case by case basis depending on client location


Jite Brume


Jite Brume

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