Countless studies continue to demonstrate the benefits of meditation for mental and physical health by boosting positive emotions and reducing anxiety and stress. Regular practice improves immunity and prevents chronic pain, addictions, hypertension and depression to name but a few. Meditation also boosts energy levels and productivity, improves concentration and memory, enhances creativity and intuition and ultimately enables a better quality of life through increased social connectedness.


There are several types of meditation but the common point between them all is the capacity to focus and master one’s attention in order to firstly, calm the mind. In addition, meditation generally works on the mental plane.

However, meditation requires the right form of preparation in order to be most efficient. It is essentially the practice of moving from a normal state of life with its external orientations where interest and attentions are monopolized by our problems, plans and activities, to the interior act of meditation.

This preparation works on three planes:

  • Physical relaxation
  • Emotional calm
  • Contemplation by directing the mind inwards

Surya’s meditation is a structured process that enables a gradual deepening of your practice to the very depths of your being in order to find joy, peace, creativity, and intuition, allowing full expression of the genius within you.


  • Understand what meditation is
  • Physical movements to unlock the body and its tensions to facilitate a seated pose
  • Breathing exercises to calm the emotions and begin to calm the mind
  •  Sitting meditation (on a chair or floor)


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