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  • For me, yoga was "just a trendy thing." Then I discovered Surya. Passionate teachers who are committed to faithfully transmitting the essence of Indian tradition while remaining consistent with the realities of everyday life in the West.

    Marine France
  • Surya: an alternative view on the world, a deep practice, respectful towards others and the planet. An enlightened vision of spirituality, ecology and humanitarianism.

    Alain Reunion Island
  • I had the chance to go to India with Surya two years in a row and both times had a very deep inner experience and encounter of sacred India. Discovering India in this particular way, one thing is certain - there is a before and an after. And this after opens the doors to a richer, inner life than anything I could ever have imagined.

    Thibault France
  • My first trip to India with Surya changed my life. Back in my country, my life had been evolving slowly and surely, for the best... On my second trip, I really discovered India; and during my third trip, I began to truly understand India. These trips to India not only opened my eyes to the need of human beings to more love and altruism, but also opened my heart, and sown me the inspiration and courage to contribute to a better world!

    Claudette Canada
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