Surya World is an international network of open-minded, enquiring, approachable people united by the need to contribute to a better world. We have great empathy with our environment, exchanging knowledge, skills and resources in the fields of personal development, ecology and social support.


We are dedicated to helping people reconnect with themselves in order to find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life, giving confidence and skills to implement changes in their work and lives.


We help people adapt to the social and environmental changes in the world we live in by:

  • Building a network of partners locally and globally to promote sharing of knowledge and skills in personal development
  • Offering locations worldwide where individuals, families and groups can revitalise themselves and reconnect with nature through diverse means ranging from practical to spiritual
  • Being a mobile and adaptable platform to support the cause of the weak and vulnerable


We work using a variety of platforms, including:

  • Private classes and coaching sessions
  • Small and large group classes for groups of friends, communities, institutions and businesses
  • Training and workshop sessions
  • Talks, lectures and debates
  • Free events
  • Informal gatherings
  • Voyages of discovery
  • Study groups that operate locally and internationally
  • Restorative therapies for individuals
  • Calls-to-action for social projects worldwide
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