Stress is becoming more and more important in our societies as the “evil of the century”, impacting the physical and mental health of everyone. How to cure it ?

Understand the impact of stress on the physical body

A stress reduction approach can emerge by introducing correct physical alignments in one’s practice for a better and refined energy circulation in the whole body, all the way to the fingertips.

Martial arts and Chi Gong energy arts can offer valuable insights. There is a martial arts saying:

“Theory is my fist”

In practicing, we eventually see that martial arts are not just about fists and blades, but about mind and soul. “Strength without consciousness crumbles under its own weight”. Ultimately, the cultivation process of the way of martial art is essentially a work on consciousness.

Every martial art accounts for form, space and time, however space prevails over form, and time prevails over space. Taichichuan or Taijiquan is a slow martial art style that touches space, rhythm and tempo.

The integrated practices of HunYuan Chi Gong and HunYuan Taichiquan are comparable to a tree:

  • Roots: the practice of « Wuji » allows one to accumulate energy
  • Trunk: QiGong allows this energy to circulate
  • Branches: the « San Xi Gong » practice loosens the body all the way to the fingertips
  • Leaves and flowers: Taijiquan, which is the martial application, a boxing that blooms at all the extremities
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