What is Suryashtanga Yoga?

Suryashtanga Yoga is a postural practice developed by Stephane Chollet. Its name combines the name of the sun (Surya), sustaining life on Earth and particularly honored in India, with the principles of the revered yoga in 8 parts (“ashta”, eight and “anga”, limb) of antiquity.

Although a relatively recent creation, it abides faithfully to the essence of yogic tradition: a practice oriented more along energy alignments than biomechanics, gradually and efficiently leading towards meditation.

Suryashtanga Yoga aims to harmonise and balance all practitioners, adapting to the capacities and needs of everyone, even conforming to seasonal or daily changes.

How does it work?

Breath awareness allows one to easily appease physical and emotional tensions.  Practice creates inner space within the body to facilitate energy circulation, as well as in the mind by letting go of stress accumulated in our daily lives.

Suryashtanga Yoga roots itself in tradition and adapts to our modern challenges: we are often caught in a hectic race and struggle to find time. In this yoga, postures are specially selected and practiced in order to multiply their quality, thus benefits, and not their quantity.  The key ideas here are “necessary and sufficient” and “less is more”.

What to expect

  • A combination of a physical workout, emotional and mental practice
  • Focus on relaxing, not on performance
  • Release built-up tensions
  • Learn to work with your breath
  • Tools to de-stress the body, increase energy and improve emotional stability


Surya Sun Salutation
(Surya Namaskar)

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