Reykjavik: Post Partum Wellness

Better Health After Birth: Keys to Postpartum Wellness

A Complete Guide To Post Partum Wellness. 12-15th October 2018

Surya Reykjavik in partnership with Yoga Shala is delighted to offer a not to be missed wellness masterclass for mothers with highly experienced international teacher Karla Alvarez Chollet, assisted by Jite Brume. The programme is designed to give tools and skills for a healthy post partum for mothers and babies. The class involves almost 10 hours of training and take-home materials run over a 4-day period and includes baby massage, restorative yoga, nutrition and Qi Gong.


Day 1 – Baby Massage & Yoga Friday 12th October, 2-4.30pm

You will receive an overview of Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic healing systems developed in India over 3000 years ago, and the types of imbalances that can manifest following pregnancy. The benefits of Abhyanga oil massage will be covered and you will learn postnatal restoration techniques for mothers and mainly babies through Ayurvedic massage and yoga.

20mins Introduction, 25mins Theory, 10mins Break, 40mins Massage Practice, 15mins Post practice clean, 30mins Baby Yoga, 10mins Questions & Answers

Day 2 – Restorative Yoga for Mothers Saturday 13th October, 2-4.30pm

You will learn a yoga sequence to balance the post partum sensation and understand how the practice benefits not only your physical but also your energy, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This practice is suitable for mothers from 6 weeks post delivery with approval from healthcare provider.

20mins Theory, 120mins Practice, 10mins Questions & Answers

Day 3 – Nutrition for Mother & Baby Sunday 14th October, 2-4.30pm

You will receive an overview of Ayurvedic dietary principles and how they are applicable in our contemporary diets. You will learn the golden dietary rules for babies and mothers post partum in order to build a healthy baby and nourish the new mother.

20mins Introduction, 30mins Overview of Ayurveda (diet), 30mins Dietary Rules for Babies according to Ayurveda, 30mins Dietary Rules for Mother during Lactation, 40mins Which Foods to Introduce in Time to Build a Healthy Baby

Day 4 – Rebalancing Energy with Qi Gong & Breathing Techniques Monday 15th October, 2-4pm

You will understand the importance of practicing Qi Gong after pregnancy its potential to provide long term positive impact for both the new mother and baby. You will learn breathing techniques to stimulate and balance energy and a series of short Qi Gong exercises that can be easily practiced at home.

20mins Introduction, 20mins Qi Gong Theory, 30mins Breathing Techniques, 40mins Qi Gong Practice, 10mins Questions & Answers


Karla Alvarez Chollet
Karla is an experienced yoga and tai chi teacher, a certified nutritionist and an astrologer of Mexican origin. She has been practicing since childhood and has spent her whole life learning and developing her skills in various disciplines of internal arts with over 18 years experience teaching. Karla has been fortunate to learn from the greatest teachers including Stephane Chollet (founder of Surya World), Masterji M.S Vishwanatha (newphew of Phatabhis Jois), Wang Feng Ming and Feng Zhi Qiang amongst others. She spends her time teaching workshops, seminars and retreats; giving nutrition programmes and astrology readings; and training future teachers whilst constantly updating her knowledge through ongoing studies in Asia.

Jite Brume
Jite is an architect and landscape consultant who has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2008. She became a fully certified Surya World teacher in 2013 and spends her time deepening her understanding of the environment, different cultures and the science of Yoga through learning, teaching and project work in Africa, Europe and Asia with various organisations. Her whole life is devoted to “improvement”, be it personal, social, inner and environmental. She is based in Reykjavik with her family.

Costs: 22,900 ISK or 7,000 ISK per day
Registration: tel – 553 0203 | email –
Venue: Yoga Shala, Skeifan 7 3rd Floor, 108 Reykjavik


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