Montreal: the science of emotions


Seminair : the science of emotions

Life is not a long quiet river? Your world is just like your emotions, sometimes resembling a roller coaster? Feelings of joy, peace and benevolence are not always easy to evoke?

Join us for a full 2-day workshop to discover the tools to help you manage and transmute our emotions! Based on millennial traditions (yoga, taichi, meditation) that have studied in detail the essence of emotions.

Karla Alvarez will share for 2 days the operational and effective practices to help us transform our emotions and our life!

Karla Alvarez: nutritionist, yoga teacher, taichi, astrologer and ayurveda expert.

After decades of research and experience in Asia and the West, she brings us a modern approach adapted to our way of life. Her teachings are derived from of a millennial, rare and proven school.

Saturday, Sep 22nd, 9:30-18:00
Presenting their sources from Indian and Chinese traditions (yoga, taichi), Karla Alvarez will share the intercultural tools used to help us to better control our emotions.
According to oriental traditions, emotions depend on our way of life, and our way of interacting with our environment, but also our physical body and our vitality.
Drawing on millennial traditions, this first day will provide the foundation necessary to cultivate our health and vitality, and confront our emotional mind to transform it.

Sunday, Sep 23rd, 9:30-17:30
On the second day, Karla Alvarez will return to the theoretical and practical heart of the science of emotions. How to transform our emotions?
What is the essence of our emotions? Why art touches us? How to cultivate positive emotions, benevolence, love for oneself and others to be happier?
What is the path to walk to find peace and bliss?
The different ways (bhakti – devotion, jnana – knowledge, karma – service, raja – royal) of yoga and meditation will have no more secrets for you, and you will be able to find the tools that fit you.

2 days: $ 250 + taxes
Registration before Sept. 15: $ 210 + taxes
Number of places limited.
Open to anyone motivated to learn and transform, whatever their level.

Surya Montréal, 5333 Avenue Casgrain, Montréal, QC H2T 1X3, Canada – studio 424

Réservation obligatoire : 120$ de dépôt non remboursable
Total payment no later than the day of the seminar

514 431-5248
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