Surya World invites you to meet the yogini Sri Balarishi Vishwashirasini during two exceptional events to be held on the occasion of her visit to France:

Date: Wednesday, August 24, from 18:30 to 20:30
Location: Canal Central 12 rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010

These exchanges are free, open to all, and will be translated into French on site by an interpreter.

Date: Part I from September 23 to 25, Part II from September 26 to 27
Location: Gipcy, 03210 (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)
Prices: Part I : 320 Euros, Part I & II : 450 Euros (includes meals and accommodation in a shared room)
Reservation for the retreat per e-mail to

Who is Sri Balarishi Vishwashirasini?

Sri Balarishi Vishvashirasini is a young Indian woman who is guardian of a deep spiritual tradition from the masters of Southern India.

From an early age, she experienced a call to spirituality and demonstrated a deep understanding of mantras and more generally of sound. In this way she bridges the gap between contemporary modernity and tradition. She believes that the solution to the current problems of mankind lies in the human and universal values elaborated in spirituality.
She has great compassion for others and has healed many people suffering from mental and physical illness.

Sri Balarishi also conducts meditation classes for spiritual seekers, using a sound-based meditation technique called Nada Kriya.
She regularly performs traditional fire rituals (called Yagna).

What is Nada Kriya?

Nada Kriya is a type of Yoga related to Sound.

The experience of sound and mantras has always fascinated Sri Balarishi.
Sound is an inner experience, beyond understanding. The mantra is not only musical: the sound it emits is deeper and can very easily lead to a state of concentration.

The Nada Kriya is a sound-based meditation programme conducted by Sri Balarishi using her unique and powerful chants.
The programme enables participants to enter a state of calm and helps them acquire awareness of the power of sound. Among other things, it helps to heal repressed emotions by gradually bringing them forward into consciousness.

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